Dr. Martin Rahm

Office: 210 Baker Laboratory

Phone: (310) 621-5305

E-mail: martin.rahm(at)


Curiosity driven and passionate, I believe true insight arises from an interdisciplinary perspective. With a broad background in both experimental and computational chemistry, my current focus is the development of new frameworks for rationalizing chemical and physical transformations.  I strive to attain mastery of realistic bottom-up “in silico” design of functional materials, and use quantum chemistry methods to solve both practical and fundamental problems. As a multidisciplinary expert, I enjoy the opportunity to work with and learn from others, both in science and everyday life.

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Research Interests:

–       Prediction of material properties and reaction pathways

–       Chemical descriptors and energy partitioning (chemical bonding, electronegativity, electron delocalization)

–       Quantum chemical topology

–       Energetic materials

–       Prebiotic chemistry


Education and Employment (Selection):

March 2014 –

–       Postdoctoral Research Associate, Cornell University, Ithaca.

Feb 2011 – Feb 2014

–       Senior Research Associate, University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles.

Jul 2006 – Nov 2010

–       PhD in Physical Chemistry, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm

Jul 2001 – May 2006

–       Master of Science in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (MSc), Royal Institute of   Technology (KTH), Stockholm

Sep 2004 – Jul 2005

–       Exchange year, Imperial College, London


Merits and Awards: 

–       The 2013 Arthur Adamson Postdoctoral Recognition Award (for scholarly excellence and innovative postdoctoral research)

–       The Dr. Bernard E. Douda-IPS-Young Scientist Award, 2013.

–       Sweden – America Foundation Post Doctoral Fellow, 2013.

–       Swedish Research Council (VR) Post Doctoral Fellow, 2012.

–       Elected to attend the 63rd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting (Chemistry), 2013. Fellow of the Jörnvall Foundation.

–       Elected to attend the Gordon Conference on Computational Chemistry, 2014

–       Elected to attend the Gordon Conference on Electron Distribution & Chemical Bonding, 2013

–       Elected to attend the Gordon Conference on Energetic Materials, 2012.

–       Awarded scholarships from AstraZeneca, the Erasmus program, KTH School of Chemistry, Styffes foundation and the Nobelska foundation.


Peer-Reviewed Original Articles 

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